Memorial Foundation

Mission of the Gethsemane Memorial Foundation:
To provide a place where people can offer a legacy of faith through their financial gifts to aid in the fulfillment of the church’s mission.


The Memorial Foundation makes annual gifts to the congregation and local ministries that made a huge impact. These funds help support unfunded capital improvements, new ministry events, college scholarships, staff continued education, and Minneapolis Area Synod mission initiatives. Gifts to the Foundation indeed help us continue this legacy of outreach and mission for our congregation.


The Church Council founded the Gethsemane Memorial Foundation in 1966, incorporated and registered with the State of Minnesota as an independent organization. The Foundation board made up of church members, including the Senior Pastor, serve as directors to guide the legacy of giving that is entrusted to them.

The GMF board continues to work toward developing new strategies that can enhance the effectiveness and marketing of the foundation to our Gethsemane members. In this effort the board has restructured the majority of the Foundations Legacy Fund to reflect a single endowment that can be leveraged to gift a percentage towards ministries and missions of the church. In simple terms, this is a foundation that is active in supporting ministry, not sitting on money.

The Gethsemane Memorial Foundation continues to provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to make financial contributions of any kind, in a variety of ways. By giving to the Foundation, one joins a legacy of giving that will live on in the life of the church, the community, and the world.


Depending on your financial situation and the amount you wish to give, your gift can take any of several forms:

Charitable Gift Annuity, Trusts

This gift can provide you and your spouse with income for as long as you both live and leave the residue of the gift for the benefit of the church at your death.


Wills provide an orderly way to distribute your life’s material accumulations according to your wishes. (If you die without a will, state law will direct how your estate will be distributed.)


Perpetuate your expression of Christian love and do good beyond your lifetime through a gift to the Foundation specifying it for endowment. The principal of endowed funds is invested and only the interest is disbursed. Thus, your gift becomes a continuing expression of Christian love and concern.


You are encouraged to remember the Foundation with a gift in memory or in honor of a family member, friend or a significant event/celebration.

Cash, Appreciated Stocks/Bonds, Real Estate

These can be given during your lifetime, often with distinct tax advantages.


The church or a specific ministry could be the beneficiary of your life insurance. Imagine the impact on Gethsemane’s ministry if every member would include Gethsemane as a 10% primary beneficiary of their insurance.

Legacy Partners

The Legacy Partners continues to be an option for those interested in giving a gift of $1,000 or more outright, or by naming Gethsemane Memorial Foundation in their will by transferring ownership of real estate, stocks or bonds, by designating us as a beneficiary of life insurance, an IRA, 401K, 403B plan, annuities and/or trusts.

College Scholarships

Each year the Memorial Foundation awards scholarships up to $1,000 to Gethsemane students attending ELCA colleges. Most ELCA colleges or universities match the scholarship, which usually doubles the grant. The congregation could be a big help to the scholarship program by making contributions at this time or in the near future. Any amount supports this vital program. Donations are tax deductible.

For more information about Gethsemane Memorial Foundation contact us at 952-935-1753 or