"The Sandwich Man"

By Pastor Sarah Moat

March is Minnesota FoodShare month. We recognize that everyone likes to respond in their own way to hunger in our community. At Gethsemane we make a concerted effort to provide a variety of ways to respond. For this week’s adult education offering I had invited someone from the local nonprofit, "Love One Another” that distributes sandwiches to homeless people every night. Even though we are not able to come together in real time I wanted to share these resources with you.

Here are two brief videos about how one local man is responding to the needs of people in our community:



A few questions to think about in response to these videos are:

You are encouraged to share in conversation on this topic with those you are quarantined with, by sharing this link with someone farther away for conversation on line or on the phone, or by sharing your thoughts/comments on our Facebook page.

Allan Law shares that it was his experience as a teacher in Minneapolis that inspired him to create this non-profit focused on feeding people who struggle with homelessness. What experiences in your life inspire compassion?

In one of the videos the narrator suggested that Allan Law “delivers compassion” and that his actions are changing lives. Who has delivered compassion to you? How did those actions change your life?

Ironically, someone in the NBC news clip said that Allan Law’s compassion, “Just spreads, it is like a good virus.” As we are living with a virus of a very different kind right now how can we continue to spread compassion like a “good virus”? As you spend time in physical isolation are their ways that your compassion can spread? Any ideas to spread compassion when life returns to normal?

UPDATE: When I spoke with the representative from Love One Another, he shared that they were continuing to deliver sandwiches (following CDC guidelines) even though all of their sandwich making events had been canceled for the foreseeable future. They are confident that they have a 30-day inventory that can be distributed. They also have a supply of shelf stable, nutritious snacks that can be delivered if they temporarily run out of sandwiches.

Let us close in prayer: God, help us to remember the people in our midst who struggle for survival in ordinary times. As we live into this time of health warnings for all people we pray especially for those who live with homelessness, food insecurity and poverty. Stir within us ways to respond to the needs in our community so that we can be responsible for the spread of compassion. AMEN.